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mute e
The letter e is mute or silent at the end of words such as excite, move, sale, and rare. In adding suffixes to these words, the question arises whether the final e should be retained (as it is in changeable) or dropped (as it is more usually, e.g. in excitable and latish). Choice is partly a matter of convention from word to word and partly determined by principles, the most important of which are that final -e is retained when a suffix is added (1) when e preserves the soft sound of a preceding consonant (as in change), (2) when the presence of the e distinguishes the root from another word (e.g. route (= to send by a particular route) gives routeing to distinguish it from forms of the verb rout), and (3) when the suffix begins with a consonant (as in judge / judgement (although judgment is also used) and change / changeling). The following table illustrates the commonest types, and some of the examples represent others (in some cases many others) of the same type:
acknowledge / acknowledgement (occasionally acknowledgment)
age / ageing
blue / bluey
change / changeable, changeling, changing
dye / dyeing
excite / excitable
gauge / gaugeable
glue / gluey
hinge / hingeing
hire / hireling
judge / judgement (occasionally judgment)
late / latish
like / likeable, likely
love / lovable, loving
mouse / mousy
move / movable
notice / noticeable
rare / rarer
rate / rateable
route / routeing
sale / saleable
whole / wholly

Modern English usage. 2014.

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